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Portfolioman and Netford, Korea ( NF )


Portfolioman and Netford, Korea ( NF ) offers provides end-to-end TELCO GRADE Managed Wi-Fi service to Telecom Service Providers. We offer integrated solution which includes:
1) site identification
2) In-building equipment deployment
3) Bandwidth Backhaul
4) Internet Bandwidth
5) Billing Integration and Management of the complete infrastructure

We offer TELCO GRADE Managed Wi-Fi services in Jakarta areas with wide coverage of Wi-Fi hotspots across Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Commercial Office space, Markets and Residential societies.

Key Benefits:
1) Service Provider to focus on Marketing & Sales
2)Integration with Service Providers’ core network for seamless authentication
3) Zero additional capex
4) Saves expensive Wireless Spectrum through traffic offloads
5) Wide network of Wi-Fi Hotspots/Hot zones across major cities in Jakarta - Indonesia

Our TELCO GRADE managed Wi-Fi services are a range of packages providing high quality Wi-Fi solutions to businesses and venue owners of various size and requirement types. We provide TELCO GRADE Managed Wi-Fi services for the following types of customers:

1) Corporate offices
looking to deploy controlled guest and staff Wi-Fi outside of their existing corporate network.

2) Public venues
such as shops, restaurants, entertainment and hospitality wanting a managed Wi-Fi service for their own customers and guests (end-users).We understand that public venues such as shops can vary greatly in size and requirements, which is why our public venue packages are scalable to meet those needs;

3) Medium & large public venues

looking to operate a Wi-Fi service with their own branded landing page and the ability to monetize their Wi-Fi through advertising or chargeable end-user access.

4) Small public venues

wanting the benefits of managed Wi-Fi (content filtering, support etc.), but without the costs involved with creating their own branded service.

What do we managed Wi-Fi services provide your business?

Remote monitoring – All services are integrated into our centralised ‘trending platform’, which means during business hours our support team are actively monitoring the condition of your Wi-Fi network, right down to ensuring each individual Access Point (AP) is operating correctly*.

2nd line support – Providing traditional Wi-Fi to your staff or customers has its benefits, but having to support them on your own certainly isn’t one of them. With all Portfolioman managed Wi-Fi services, we provide 2nd line support for you to escalate any issues to 24/7/365; and we have a team of highly trained engineers ready to come out and fix the problem.

Knowing your customers – We provide all our managed Wi-Fi clients with web access to the ‘trending platform’. This portal access means you can see how and when your Wi-Fi network is being used, plus it’s the central point for you to see who is using it as you can set your service to require end-users to enter their personal information in order to gain access.

Content filtering – One of the greatest dangers with public access Wi-Fi is that a service you provide for the benefit of your customers can be abused by the minority. It’s clear that some content available on the internet is simply not going to be suitable for your business, which is why all our Portfolioman managed Wi-Fi services come with content filtering as standard.

Compliance – Another growing risk in providing Wi-Fi to your staff or guests is who is responsible for what they access?

Across Jakarta - Indonesia, venues owners are facing legal challenges for the illegal content accessed via their network by their customers. Capturing who your users are and ensuring they agree terms and conditions before accessing; helps safeguard your business from potential compliance issues.


Should you have enqueries regarding our TELCO GRADE Manage WIFI , please do contact us.
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