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iOS provides strategic mobile iPhone solutions delivers quality iPhone application development services to our customers. We also help in providing strategic mobile solutions, help in minimizing risk, get better ROI, reduce the cost of development etc.

Our iPhone Application development includes the following:

We provide iPhone apps development . Following are examples of various areas of iPhone application development services.

Custom Native iPhone Apps:

We develop iPhone applications that take advantage of the following iPhone technologies. Ex: multi-touch interface, GPS, accelerometer, dialer, proximity sensor, address book and calendar.

Client-Server based iPhone Apps:

We develop client server based, web-connected applications that connects to a server over Wi-Fi or cellular networks. Submit user information to a central database or allow users to download information that relates to a definitive query. We also help our customers in building the required web service APIs, Server CMS through which user can update the contents.

We have our own CMS framework for mobile content management which can be customized depending on customer’s requirement.


- Audio Stream
Audio Stream - Provide live audio stream from your website; play music or other sound content within your app

- GPS Map
Provide your customers a detailed map of your location

- Contacts
Provide easy access to your contact information. Include Address, phone number, email address, website URL.

- Video Stream
Provide live video stream from your website; play video within your app.

- Google Calendar
Keep your audience updated with Google Calendar

- Photo Gallery
Share your Picasa or Flickr photo albums, or upload images from other sources

- Tap To Call
Call (phone number you provide) using the iPhone's built-in telephony application

- Video List
Upload your videos and display them as a list, with titles and text description

- Tap To Email
Email (email address you provide) using the iPhone's built-in email application

- Events
Display your events, with date, title, and description

- Twitter
Bring your twitter account and conversations into your app to keep the discussion flowing

- Facebook
Give access to your Facebook wall

- Coupons
Create and share coupons to offer special discounts to your customers

- Take a Picture
Make a picture with device's photo camera and share it within the app

- Custom Form
Create a custom input form

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iosTypes Of iPhone Apps

- Business Apps
- Finance Apps
- Enterprise Apps
- Entertainment Apps
- Multimedia Apps
- Lifestyle Apps
- Social Networking Apps

iosGPS Enabled iPhone Apps:

We have a comprehensive GPS based workforce management solution. Its features incorporate location tracking, wireless time sheets, alerts, and detailed location reporting to capture field data. We have delivered many iPhone applications to customers which is having complex GPS tracking solutions.

iosiPhone Business Apps Development

There are many benefits in building your iPhone Business Apps. It not only helps you in getting quality end products but also serves you with the following benefits:

-Access to information right at fingertips
-Customized application exclusively based on requirements
-Smart applications with enhanced user-experience to your customer
-Potential to reach out millions of customers
-Authentic approach towards niche marketplace
-Customizable backoffice with your present site

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