Hotel And Apartment Security Systems


Hotel And Apartment Security
Hotel Management system is best and ideal solution for hospitality management. Hotel management system has various modules working simultaneously. So modules should be uploaded properly. Every hotel or hospitality organization have their own rules and own schedules. So it's very important for that organization to go for a Custom Hotel Software development. Because it better and efficient when we work in better processing environment.

Following modules we always need to take care while developing:

-Front Office
-Point of Sale
-House Keeping Store
- Store

All these modules includes things like sales, marketing, billing, room servicing and room booking and various other activity. So Hotel Management Software will help you in handling these king of hospitality processes. Portfolioman provides you development assistance for this software.

Hotel Security Systems Based Access Control

Complete integration

Portfolioman provides a complete integration for Hotel's Security:

- Magnetic stripe card readers
- Keyless locks and Proxcards using RFID
- Our latest Hotel Lock line of high security electronic lock systems.

We carefully analyze your needs and keep them in mind, while selecting and implementing innovative world-class technology products.

No matter what size, material or color, we can provide you with the latest in technology solutions. If our large assortment of ready-made products does not suit your needs, we can customize our products to match your very requirement.

Portfolioman’s product-line ranges from Access Control Systems, Hotel Safes and Minibars to Energy Management Solutions.

Our intelligent Energy Management Systems alone can reduce your hotel’s energy consumption by 30% to 65%.

Our technology integrates seamlessly with all major reservation systems, such as Fidelio®, Hotelconcepts®, Briljant® and Winres®. In addition, due to the combined PMS and POS functionality on the same key-card, you save time and money and are able to provide a streamlined experience to your guests.

Long term perspective

Portfolioman prides ourself in being a solutions provider who you can turn to for security system maintenance. Whether it’s for modification of your existing access control security systems due to your company’s change of requirements or if you are in need of parts, knowledge and after sales support – We’re there for you every step of the way!

Apartment Security Systems Based Application

Apartment Security System

To ensue total safety and security of your apartment form all kind threats, we offer apartment security system that is marked by its efficiency. The Apartment security monitoring system includes numerous features like

- Access Controls for Elevators, Gate, Lobby , Pool, Gyms and many more
- CCTV video camera at security gate to monitor the visitors at the entry point
- Audio communication from gate to each house with auto call-back
- security alarm at each Building entry gate for security during outstation or lock, display of Apartment no at the security office to identify the communicating owner and so on.
- We build customize Web Based Access Control Application to be integrated with the preferred Hardware of your choice or select our
variety of security hardware

We also provide the security systems suitable for bungalow schemes, raw houses and multi-flat apartments.

Feel free to contact our customer Services to find more details informations
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