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We are one of the Chiperlab and Argox's suppliers with a complete line of barcode equipments and peripherals.Our major product lines include barcode label printers, barcode scanners, and portable data terminals. We provide several segemented market for our barcode equipments and peripherals which covers:

+ Manufacturing
+ Retails

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To meet the challenges of the global marketplace, smarter manufacturers increase levels of customer satisfaction, service efficiency and production economy. Portfolioman custom's solutions make it all possible. With real-time data, staff deployment, materials handling, inventory control and sales cycles gain profitable efficiency. QC, WIP tracking, inventory control and shipping/receiving gain accuracy. Even tool cribs get organized. Put rugged Portfolioman products to work in the lab, on the shop floor and in the warehouse with our barcode and peripherals
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Like a journalist, today's smart retailers need the 5W's - who, what, where, when and why - to maximize profits and customer satisfaction. Portfolioman custom's solutions enable accurate records, accelerated stocking, and timely customer service, but that's just the beginning. Instant wireless access speeds transfers, pricing, ordering, returns and replenishment. Not to mention accurate, timely management of every detail. Portfolioman is tuned to retail - from the low-margin, fast-turn convenience store to enterprise chains and high-ticket exclusive boutiques. Please view our Barcode and Peripherals found below

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Electronic tracking throughout the supply chain is critical, even mandated for identification, security and control of goods. The warehouse, once a separate function, today is seamlessly integrated into a logistics process that synchronizes inventory, picking, delivery, returns, and replenishment. With versatile WPAN, WLAN, WWAN, and RFID options, Portfolioman custom's solution helps manage every step. From proof of delivery and cross docking through order staging and driver automation, instant, accurate data brings order to a complicated world. Check out out barcode and Peripherals lines

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Proper identification of drugs, lab samples, blood transfusions, treatments-and the patients-ensures better healthcare. Healthcare is made safer and easier- for the patient and the staff: from admitting and automating patient records to drug distribution and supply tracking. Wireless LAN and BT help caregivers stay where they're most needed, at the patient's side. Integrated systems allow streamlined patient care management, drug identification, lab test tracking, pharmacy systems, records management and billing. Portfolioman's custom barcode and peripheral's solutiona is what the doctor need.

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Portable Data Terminal
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What is Portable Data Terminal?

Portable data terminal, or PDT, is an electronic device that is used to enter or retrieve data via wireless transmission (WLAN or WWAN). They can also serve as barcode readers, and they are used in large stores, warehouses, hospitals, or in the field, to access a database from a remote location.

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9370 Mobile Computer
Mobile Computer with BT and Wireless LAN

Barcodes scanning with your choice of laser or 2D imager for powerful application processing and data capture delivers reliable results. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, with a large, bright, easy-to-ready screen and keypad, the 9370 is built to enable maximum productivity for as long as the work requires, shift after shift. The CipherLab 9370 brings powerful wireless to rugged work.


+ Microsoft® Windows® CE 6.0 Professional operating system
+ Built on Marvell® PXA310 processor
+ Choice of laser or 2D imager scanning, IEEE 802.11b/g CCX v4
+ 256MB DDR-SDRAM with expandable option through SD/MMC slot, 512MB NAND Flash memory
+ 2.8" color QVGA touch screen with choice of 29 or 43 LED-backlit keypad
+ Energy efficient design with up to 10 hours of working power
+ Survives multiple 1.5 m / 5 ft. drops onto concrete, 1000 cycles of tumbles at 1m
+ Programming: C/C++, .NET API
+ CipherLab's Power Suite enables custom applications:
+ MIRROR Terminal Emulation, Mirror Browser Built-in third-party applications:
+ Naurtech CETerm Industrial Browser and Terminal Emulator, SOTI® Mobicontrol

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9600 Mobile Computer
Wireless industrial mobile computer with BT and RFID, VGA display and camera options

Built to go anywhere and everywhere, 9600 series mobile computers deliver an optimal combination of powerful computing, fast data capture, and easy information access in a single, lightweight device. With built-in EDGE quad band WWAN and CCX®-compatible Summit WLAN and GPS, the 9600 enables continual workflow and constant connectivity, allowing you to do business wherever the work requires, in real time. Facing a harsh workplace? No problem. The 9600 series, rated IP64, survives extreme tasks and conditions¬-all while delivering reliable, powerful processing.

Master your business details with this incredibly easy to use AIDC tool. The 9600 industrial mobile computer provides all the options you need to accomplish efficient, accurate data capture in the field or on the sales floor. Capture 1D or 2D codes with your choice of linear imager, 2D imager or laser scanner, and select LED-backlit keypad with 29 keys or QERTY keys to best accommodate your work requirements. Embedded Windows® CE runs applications to keep your workflow moving, manage and track products, take orders and update inventories. Lost on the road? The 9600 is GPS ready to show you where to go.


+ Microsoft® Windows® CE 6.0 R2 Professional operating system
+ Designed around XScale® technology with Marvell® PXA270 embedded processor
WPAN on board
+ Choice of linear imager, laser or 2D imager scanning
RFID option
+ 1GB Flash ROM and 128 MB SDRAM data memory
+ 3.5" color VGA or QVGA touchscreen with 29 or QERTY backlit keypad
+ GPS option
+ 2 megapixel digital camera CMOS with LED flash
+ Survives multiple 1.5 m / 5 ft. drops onto concrete, 1000 times @ 100 cm tumble
+ CipherLab's Power Suite enables custom applications:
+ FORGE Batch Application Generator, MIRROR Terminal Emulation,
+ Built-in third-party applications:
+ Naurtech CETerm

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2 Dimensional QR Printers
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R-400plus leads industrial level printers in affordability and ease of handling.
Easy-to-use design allows convenient loading of 360M ribbon and 6" OD media roll in under a minute. Throughput up to 6ips is enhanced by a fast 32-bit RISC microprocessor, as well as 1MB flash memory for larger data storage.

Movable reflective sensor makes it easy to detect variable media with 10mm to 110mm width. Leading edge design brings more performance and functionality to make R-400plus the ideal choice as an industrial printer for easy operation at the lowest cost.

+ For commercial and light industry applications
+ 203dpi resolution model available
+ 32-bit CPU, up to 6ips print speed, and no ribbon wrinkle with centralized thermal print head for superior print performance
+ Ultra-precise printing module for print jobs such as thick tags, fabric labels, and tough label
+ Movable reflective sensor
+ Industrial-strength media management: Max 360M ribbon wax & 6” media compartment
+ Easy media loading & ribbon installation
+ Reinforced fiber-plastic metal-strength construction and printing module, and optimum
footprint and lightweight for easy placement
+ PPLA, PPLB, PPLZ emulations available
+ Full range of options :Cutter, Peeler, Stacker, Font card, RTC and standalone keyboard (Argokee)
+ Printer Server external for Ethernet/Wireless/Bluetooth options

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The new X-1000VL industrial barcode printer offers outstanding performance and value in an all-metal housing well-suited for harsh environments.

A 32-bit RISC microprocessor provides print speeds up to 4ips, which is ideal for medium-volume printing requirements. The 4MB Flash memory and 8MB SDRAM ensures smooth operation and high reliability.The user-friendly print mechanism lets you easily adjust ribbon pressure and print quality by hand—no need for special tools.

An external switch sets the printer for use with either inside or outside coated ribbons, and an adjustable ribbon guide stabilizes the ribbon during printing. The X-1000VL printer is flexible, easy-to-use, and offers value and high performance printing for industrial environments.

+ For heavy duty labeling demand

+ 203dpi low resolution models available

+ 32-bit CPU, up to 4ips printing speed, and enlarged memories

+ Adjustable reflective and transmissive double sensor system ensures precise label detection to meet versatile media demands

+ Centronics parallel, RS-232 and USB and interfaces available for versatility applications

+ Industrial-strength media management: 360M ribbon wax & 8 media compartment

+ Easy media loading & ribbon installation

+ An external switch sets the printer for use with either ribbon wound ink-side in or ink-side out

+ PPLA, PPLB emulations available

+ Durable and easy maintenance : easy-to-replace cutter and peeler

+ Support 1D/GS1 Data bar, 2D/ Composite codes and QR barcodes

+ Full range of options :Cutter, Peeler, Media stacker, Font card, RTC and standalone keyboard (Argokee)

+ Printer Server external for Ethernet/Wireless/Bluetooth options

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