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Augmented Reality

It’s no secret that the real estate industry has benefited from adopting mobile technology into their marketing strategies. When realtors began utilizing QR codes, it enabled them to connect with potential home buyers without having to be there. After seeing success with the codes, some real estate companies are looking to other forms of mobile technology and have set their sights on augmented reality

Augmented Marketing uses the best methods that are available now that work on all devices. We find that the technology works best with simple buttons that link to social media pages like facebook, twitter and YouTUBE as well as having current listings that appear on the page. As a realtor sells a listing the content can be changed out on the ad – without having to do a reprint or redesign. The technology is truly a 24/7 solution for the anyone that is in the business of selling real estate. Video that plays right on the ad (such as a postcard or magazine ad) also have high impact engagement worth.

A property developer could use the technology to show off properties that have yet to be built, giving consumers a chance to take virtual tours and see what a property would look like once completed. This can be done from nearly any smart phone, and the tour can be embedded in any number of print advertisements found in magazines or newspapers.

The technology can also be used to help home buyers decorate their potential house with virtual furniture, giving them a chance to see what their new home would look like. The user simply downloads a mobile app from the app store for their device that allows them to do all of the above and could even let them find properties for rent or purchase by simple pointing their phone down a street or at a building.

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